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Windshield repair

Act fast!

It’s practically impossible to ignore a cracked windshield when you’re driving. Distracting, annoying and possibly dangerous, a cracked windshield is a constant reminder that objects can come flying towards us and we need this glass to keep everyone safe.

Should I repair or replace?

Many people are convinced a cracked or chipped windshield will automatically need to be replaced and put off getting to the garage because of the expected cost of replacement. While in some cases it may need replacing—waiting too long to repair a crack may be a factor—this is not always the case. A crack that’s fixed quickly can be repaired seamlessly and your windshield won’t need replacing.

At Dura Tech/VitrXpert Pierrefonds, we will make every effort to repair your windshield. If it has to be replaced for safety reasons, we will advise you on the most effective and advantageous solution. Whether you filed a claim with your insurer or not, we guarantee the best offer on the market.
Save time, money and the environment

There are a few clear advantages to repairing a windshield. Here are a couple we feel strongly about:

Money. Most insurances will cover your repair and it’s a fast process, meaning you’re back on the road quickly and not wasting time waiting for your vehicle.

The environment: as is the case with most things, it’s better to repair and recycle that to toss something out. We’ll save every possible windshield we can!

Is a cracked windshield annoying you? Let’s fix it now!

Why us?

Dura Tech/VitrXpert Pierrefonds meets the highest standards approved by the Department of Transportation in the United States and Transport Canada. All repairs are performed according to the latest vehicle safety standards (FMVSS 208, FMVSS 212, FMVSS 216) in order to guarantee you the highest standard of quality service on the market.

Our skilled technicians follow the recommendations of Car Care Canada to be in compliance with the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard – AGRSS.

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The longer you wait, the higher the chances that you’ll need to replace that windshield. Let’s talk.

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