Oil spray rust proofing will protect your vehicle from unwanted corrosion

The benefits of biodegradable rust proofing

Oil spraying the underbelly of your car can protect it from rust and corrosion. A benefit of oil spraying is that it’s less expensive than other rust proofing techniques but still quite effective in slowing down the process. You want to extend the life of your vehicle and this is a proven way to do so. Ideally, it’s performed during the summer or early in the fall, prior to our messy Quebec winters.

You can feel good knowing that the product is environmentally friendly

Water, salt and humidity are unavoidable in Quebec and your vehicle will undoubtedly suffer if not well protected. We’ve tested several rust proofing approaches and feel confident that the techniques offered at Duratech actually work.

In terms of prevention, we always recommend regular maintenance and meticulous cleaning.

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