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General mechanics services in Montreal

A vehicle will most likely become the second largest single purchase you’ll ever make. And while we understand that there is barely any chance of it becoming an investment, we know that a little time and money can keep it around much longer and in better shape. Therefore, covering the basics when maintaining your new or used vehicle is a must! To keep your vehicle safe, call on our general mechanics experts’ services.

General mechanics services - Garage Dura TechRoutine oil changes as well as a regular maintenance schedule is key. Furthermore, using premium oils and filters as well as OEM fluids are also essential. That is why we offer superior products like CASTROL oil and WIX filters. Our prices are competitive with other outfits using similar high end products. We also offer fixed appointments so there is no need to leave your vehicle for hours for a relatively quick yet necessary service.

Until a few years ago having your tires changed was monkey business.
Today with wider rubber, lower profiles, TPMS and your vehicle’s expensive wheels…

Don’t you expect the best?

At DURA TECH we use high-end Hunter Tire changing equipment. These industry leading tools give us the power to protect your rims and rubber from premature damage. Furthermore they will allow us the capacity to change RUNFLATS* tires that were once untouchable by local, independent garages. Don’t waste a day and extra money thinking the dealership is your only option.

Is your vehicle in need of repair? Can you hear a strange noise or clunk? Perhaps your baby won’t start? These are the types of problems that our service center can help you resolve. Our technicians can locate your troubles and more importantly fix them. Furthermore, our counter staff can offer you (more often than not) a free* estimate.

From suspensions to brakes, oil changes to filter replacements, tire sales, storage, headlamp restoration and waxing**, Dura Tech is so much more than rustproofing!

** This service is not available year round and requires an appointment (minimum 1 week in advance).

For more information about our general mechanics services such as windshield replacement, alignment or tire installation, contact our garage.

Other General Mechanics Services*

  • Reading of a vehicle’s computer (scan)
  • De-greasing component(s) to verify any leak(s)
  • Road test
  • Water infiltration
  • Electrical failures
  • Drum brake(s) or parking brake system
  • Any necessary labour to remove a component(s) to access the troublesome area(s) in question.

* Additional charges apply for these services.


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