Prevent rust and corrosion from attacking your vehicle

The benefits of Low-drip Rust Proofing

Dripless (or low-drip) rust proofing uses a unique homogenized oil / gel formula that is applied to your vehicle annually. The undercarriage of your car is vulnerable to rust and corrosion but thanks to state-of-the-art inhibitors, you can protect your vehicle from Quebec’s tough weather elements and all related materials you’ll confront on our roads; salt, sand, dust, just to name a few.

Low-drip rust proofing displaces moisture and coats your vehicle’s surface with highly effective corrosion inhibitors. This easy-to-apply formula isn’t classified as toxic or flammable, doesn’t contain heavy metals and is based on highly refined mineral oils. Further, there’s no offensive odour, minimal over-spray and it’s highly effective for penetrating harder to reach areas under your car.

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